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Inquiry from Colombia

I'm interested in finding both type and production information on a particular jersey cow that was imported to Colombia from Canada.  The cows name is Bryant Hill Indian Summer and her herd code # was 606109 in Canada.  Any info you have on this matter would be much appreciated.  She was purchased by HDA Catanga S. a., Bogota, Colombia.  Thank you

HANS! Thank you very much for your message of March 22nd. I
hope you received my "out of office" message that I was away until
this morning at our annual meeting in glorious Alberta. I am copying
this message to our great friend Gonzalo Maldonado in Colombia.
The cow Indians Summer was indeed born in the USA but lived in
Canada for a while before her sale to Colombia. She was scored
Very Good 89% at 3-7 here and had a very short production record
with only 73 days completed before export to Colombia. I am quite
sure she was scored even higher in Colombia-at or above Excellent
95% I believe. I think she has been a very good cow in Colombia.       
It would be best if the person seeking more information on Indian
Summer would contact Gonzalo. I am sure Gonzalo would be most
Keep up the great work!


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