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Linebred Jersey cattle

Dear Sir,

I am interested in finding out the degree of homozygosity that exists
today in Jersey cattle on the Island.  I would tend to think that with a
totally closed herd for so many years the cattle would exhibit a high
degree of homozygosity, which is desirable in my opinion.  I am a
proponent of line breeding and would like to discover a highly
homozygous genepool to import cattle genetics from to mainland China.  I
am very interested in what you know about this subject and if you could
put me in contact with any such breeders and their herds on the Island
of Jersey.

Timothy Shell
MCD Livestock Co. Ltd.
Hunchun, Jilin, Peoples Republic of China.

Dear Timothy Shell
Thank you for your request, I can give you the address of  RJA&HS and  hoping this will answer your question I attach this article: "Population genetic structure of and inbreeding in an insular cattle breed, the Jersey, and its implications for genetic resource management"
Best regards
Hans Nørgaard
Many thanks to you, Hans,  This helps,


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