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Hilsen fra Jim Miller Magnolia,Mississippi USA

Af Hans Nørgaard

> som er en engelsksproget hjemmeside med informationer om jerseyracens historie på verdensplan har vi henved 1500 unikke brugere hver måned. Og det hænder at jeg får en oversøisk email med en bemærkning til siten. Noget som jeg hygger mig gevaldigt med. Nedenfor er den seneste fra Jim i Mississippi i USA.

From: Jim Miller
>   To:
>   Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 7:30 PM
>   Subject: John James Gruchy in Guatamala

>   Thanks you for this information.He was my maternal grandfather and
>established a farm in Wesson,Mississippi after marring my grandmother in
>   He also established a hybrid corn in Gatamala which is still cultivated
>there.Gruchy corn.
>   Again thanks for this valuable information.
>   Sincerely,Jim Miller Magnolia,Mississippi USA


From: Hans Nørgaard <>
>To: "Jim Miller" <>
>Subject: Re: John James Gruchy in Guatamala
>Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 22:04:05 +0100
>Hello Jim
>Thank you for your kind words, yes I am a bit of jersey enthusiast,
>plannning this year to visit Jersey Island, where I use to stay with the
>former president of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau, Anne Perchard. Later in
>September I plan to visit the Billings Farm & Museum in Woodstock in
>Vermont. They have an jersey herd established back in 1871.
>Best regards

Thanks Hans.They are a lovely bovine.We had the pleasure of meeting some of
John Gruchys kin about 30 years ago from the isle of Jersey.A Mr Parrott who
was a former police Chief there and his wife,a neice of John Gruchy whose
maiden name was Lemoisea(possibly misspelled but close).

Your information puts the tale together.John James Gruchys father gave him
the cattle to sell as a start in life after he had graduated a queens
scholor.He named all his children after
queens..Mary,Gregoria,Wilhelmina,Josephine and margurite(a queen?).The boys
were bibical,John,David,Daniel,Samuel.

My mother was Wilhelmina who lived to the ripe age of 91.Her mother spoke
little english but made a fantastic tamale of fresh meat and fresh corn
cooked on a wood stove.

Uncle David told of John Gruchy boarding a ship to america.Little did i know
he took the cows with him?I will call Uncle david in Golden colorado and
tell him.

We operated a dairy farm near Brookhaven ,Mississippi and had majority
jersey cattle.Dad spun the farm from possibly 150 acres to 1000 acres.A
great success story.No wonder he liked Mr Gruchy.His favorite story of Mr
Gruchy was him sitting at rows edge giving directions on plowing a mule.Mr
Gruchy never operated a mule but knew exactly what he wanted.You info puts
it all together.

Mr Gruchy built a lovely barn in Wesson with concrete floors which still
stands.My brother and myself have 13 acres there which once was the pasture
for his jersey cows.

We had a Mrs Nygaard(possibly mispelled but close) for a neighbor east of
Brookhaven who had a heavy accent and it is in the rafn community...small
world Hans.Kindest Regards,Jim..

Hej Jim
I attach a copy of some historical informations in Spanish from Guatemala.
Best regards

Thank you Hans.I called the only living child of John Gruchy last night to
share your information.I can see from your documents why 1915 was a pivitol
year for Don Juan Gruchy.His son David Gruchy,PHD went on to help develop
the polio vaccine with Dr Jonas Salk in Michigan.David is the only living
child of John and is nearly 90.

Have a great trip to Jersey.The Parrots are still alive at this writing.Her
name is Bessie Parrot.

Kindest regards,Jim..

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