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WJCB 2009

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23 December 2009

Dear Hans


The World Dairy industry will not remember 2009 as a good year. The depressed prices, the instability of the global markets and uncertainty through the year appeared as obstacles that darkened the future and forced us, the milk producers, to make use of all our knowledge to search for more efficient dairy operations. Reports from different places around the world indicate that the situation of contraction could last a long time. Nevertheless, now some figures suggest that the economic crisis has begun to ease. These adverse times demonstrate that the dairy industry has strengths and resilience that should see us through these times. This crisis has shown the importance of suitably capitalising our businesses to ensure that we are less vulnerable in the future.

The joint meetings of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau and the American Jersey Cattle Association were extraordinarily successful. To see how the Jersey breeders of the United States have faced the current difficulties and to strengthen the bonds of friendship between us. The academic program, the farm visits, the tours of the dairies and the North American Jersey Cheese Awards demonstrated the high levels of achievement in the United States and thanks to all those who ensured that this was such a memorable occasion.

The next appointment of the Jersey community will take place next June in Albania, for the 2010 Annual Meetings, and a very different experience it will be for us, although core to our aim of supporting the breed in countries where it is becoming established. I hope to be able to welcome a numerous group to assist our mission to transmit experience and knowledge to the Albanian Jersey Breeders, and on the same way to learn of their dairy operations allows us to increase the global vision of the Jersey breed.

During the coming year the Bureau activities will center on the development of new the youth programs, the improvement of communications through our new Web site and the World Jersey Cheese Festival.

May this be the opportunity to send warm greetings, wishing all happy holidays in peace and harmony and the best for the year 2010. It is my wish and the one of the WJCB, all the members of our organization have a new year with better results.

Gonzalo Maldonado, President


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