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One of the joys in being involved with the Jersey breed is collecting great news about how the breed is soaring in so many parts of the world! In the next issue of the Jersey breed two enthusiastic young women Jennifer and Heather Peart will report to you on a superb World Jersey Cattle Bureau visit to Brazil in late June/early July 2007. One very important aspect of the series of events in Brazil was meetings of the Bureau’s council. The Bureau conducts its work based on five regions: South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Australasia. At each meeting reports are presented from all five regions. In Brazil the great news about breed advancement that flowed from these reports was sufficient to keep everyone soaring for weeks! So, why not share the wealth of inspiring news!

Here are some gems we gleaned from these exciting reports!




-In Colombia the volume of Jersey semen imports has grown from 6,000 units per year in 1996 to over 55,000 units in 2006!

-In Brazil in 2005 over 500,000 units of Jersey semen were marketed. This represents a stunning increase of over 34.5% from 2001 to 2005!

-The Jersey association in Ecuador is projecting increases of 58% in purebred female registrations and 46% in female percentage registrations in 2007!

-The South American country of Suriname has made its first importation of Jersey semen very recently!

-Argentina’s bustling Jersey association is working with interested parties in the developing Jersey countries of Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba.









-A prolonged upward surge by the Jersey breed in South Africa saw Jerseys become the breed with the most registered cows on official milk recording in 2006! The Jersey market share in that department is now 51%!

-In addition Jersey semen sales in SA have grown from 177,000 units in 2001 to over 271,000 units in 2006! This is an increase of over 56.5% with 60,000 units being used for crossbreeding! Seven African countries have imported Jerseys from South Africa in recent years. 

-In Zambia Jersey association membership has grown by 25% over the most recent five years! The number of milking Jerseys has grown from 1200 to 3000 with the number of smallholders milking Jerseys expanding thirteen fold from 100 to 1300 in the latest five years!       

-There are 400,000 Jerseys in Kenya with sales of semen topping 500,000 units!

-Rwanda is restocking their dairy industry with Jerseys from South Africa. As part of a very well-organized dairy expansion program over 1,000 Jersey heifers from South Africa and large quantities of Jersey semen from Jersey have been imported within the last decade or less. Johannes Van Eeden, President of the WJCB deems that this effort “must surely count as one of the most successful restocking programs anywhere in the modern world.”  




-In New Zealand, a well known Jersey country, Jersey semen sales account for 33% of the total national dairy market.

-Australian Jersey owners and exporters have been busy moving Jersey genetics to non-traditional markets in Asia.

-China is rising and showing more interest in Jersey genetics all the time as the dairy industry more than comes alive in this highly influential nation!




-The large Jersey population in Denmark has been the origin for 3,000 animals that have been exported to 13 European countries in recent times! Among these countries have been new Jersey territories of Greece, the Canary Islands, the Azores, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Russia! Denmark and other countries are enjoying expanding markets for sexed Jersey semen!


-In France there has been an approximate 10% increase in the milking Jersey population each of the latest five years!

-Italy has racked up a 50% increase in Jersey cows and a 58% increase in Jersey herds in the latest decade with the new national Jersey association established over the past dozen years.

-North of Italy in Switzerland another national Jersey association has been born in the latest decade also! Switzerland hosted spectacular world Jersey meetings in 2006 and Italy did a super job of the same task in 2000!         

-Albania’s fledging Jersey association became the newest member of the WJCB family during the meetings in Brazil! There are 16,000 pure Jersey cows and over 140,000 Jersey-sired crossbreds in this country. There are seven local Jersey associations with a total membership of 350!

-In the United Kingdom 2006 purebred registrations were 16% above the 2003 level and recordations of Jersey-sired crossbreds were 55% above 2003 levels in 2006! Additionally Jersey young stock numbers are 118% of the milking Jersey population-none of the other major breeds post a percentage above 100!




-The American Jersey Cattle Association reports that in the latest five years annual registration totals have all been in the top eleven recorded in their 139 year history! Registrations in the latest five years are 25% higher than a decade earlier with number of Jersey cows on DHI programs being 30% higher than a decade earlier. Domestic semen sales are 130% higher than a decade earlier and have grown from a steady 550,000 units a year to over 1,400,000 units in 2006!  In 2006 the AJCA’s Jersey Marketing Service managed sales of over 5800 lots of semen and embryos with a value exceeding $9.2 million! Participation in the AJCA’s young sire sampling groups rose 32% in 2006!

-Here in Canada registrations are up 7.7% and transfers up 25.5% since 2003 and memberships up 26% since 2001 with the 2006 membership total being the highest level recorded since 1969, 37 years earlier!  Over 430 new herd prefixes have been recorded in the three and one half years since January 2004!

-In both Canada and the USA we have documented statistics that point out that, on average, Jersey productive life is greater than 150 days longer or more than one half lactation longer than the industry average!       


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