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Impuls Maid 1749

Nytårshilsen fra Mogens Stendal

Hello Mogens


  I think you will enjoy seeing this  ..............  Impuls Maid 1749 is the first heifer in the breed to break the Cheese Merit barrier at an amazing figure of $726 ! In fact she's the highest ranking animal in the breed regardless of sex or age ! We have some very high expectations for her feel very fortunate to own such an animal. Keep in mind that these are genomicly verified figures , not just good management.

  Of great interest and pride is the fact that she is the 4th generation to be born in the US and be DANISH sired! Of particular interest to you may be the fact that she has 5 crosses to old TVED !

  This heifer's dam , Lemvig Maid is still the breeds # 1 cow for cheese merit ( @$644) among those that have been genomicly verified. Old Haug Maid ( also genomicly verified as is her dam , Index Maid), now 17 years of age is still going strong and yes , she boasts very impressive figures as well.

  The Maid blood is alive , well and performing better than ever. We predict they ( and many other Danish sired cattle) will continue to impact the breed throughout the world.

  Please feel free to pass on these pedigrees to anyone who might have interest in them.


 Very Sincerely , Eric Silva

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