Dette kunne være din reklame

En ny Jersey website i New Zealand

Midge Henderson
Jeg mailer regelmæssigt med Midge Henderson i New Zealand om vores fælles interesse -Jerseykoen.Nu har hun så også fået sin egen hjemmeside. Se bl.a. hendes beskrivelse af sit hjemmemejeri
Hello Hans,
I now have my Jersey cow website on the net  and would be much obliged if you'd care to place a link to it from your website - thanks.
A few of the older cows in the photos were bred by Lloyd Wilson of Denson Dale.  The young bull on the Contact Me page descends from Denson Dale on both Dam and Sire side. 
My last remaining cow is a Granddaughter of one of Lloyds and she had a heifer last month. 
Hope all is well with you and your girls.
Lloyd Wilson i midten i samtale med Peter Larson mødte jeg på sommerens WJCB tur til USA, så det var hyggeligt at notere, at Midge Henderson også kendte Lloyd.

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